Colombia: Ubaque

High in the hills of Oriente province, Ubaque has a rich biodiversity and a variety of climates. The town is named for the red sap of a local bush called Ybaquye and means ‘blood of wood’. The coffee comes from the UBACAFE association, a group of 43 farmers in the region.

Ubaque is 50 km east of Bogotá and home of the indigenous Muisca people. This is our third year buying from this group of farmers and for the first time we bought the entire 220 bag lot. Ubaque is the backbone of our Haymaker blend and we hope to keep using it for many years to come.

In Colombia there is a daily price that sets against the market price. Most smallholders take their coffee to a collection station to sell their coffee at this rate. Here the daily rate was 800,000 pesos per carga (125 kg). The price paid for Ubaque was 1,1100 pesos per carga.

We will visit later this year and plan to do so yearly from now on.

The Transparency Project

Transparency in coffee is a movement to disclose what roasters pay for coffee and how much of that goes to the farmer. We believe this is the way forward for specialty coffee, so we launched our Transparency Project.

We are working with Transparent Trade Coffee to implement this programme and improve the way we buy coffee.

Our Colombia Ubaque tastes like toffee apple, milk chocolate, and coffee blossom. We sourced this coffee from the fine folks at Cofinet.

You can find the Colombia Ubaque at all the fine establishments that serve Rumble Coffee. Or order online from our website.

To learn more about wholesale coffee supply to your cafe/espresso bar/food truck please hit us up.



The Broad-billed Motmot is a member of the Momotidae family and found throughout Colombia and much of South America.

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