Colombia: Rosa Elena

Our Colombia Rosa Elena is from Huila, home to much of Colombia’s best coffee. The altitude and climate combine to create its trademark acidity. San Agustín lies in the south of the province and is home to many Cup Of Excellence participants and winners.

The cherries for this microlot were picked to a strict and even level of ripeness. Then they underwent an underwater anaerobic fermentation for 25 hours before drying on parabolic beds.

The locals call the parabolic drying beds marquesinas. They are a greenhouse that opens at each end. The openings let airflow through and over the drying coffee and stop condensation from dripping back down.

In Colombia there is a daily price that sets against the market price. Most smallholders take their coffee to a collection station to sell their coffee at this rate. In Rosa Elena’s case the daily rate was 800,000 pesos per carga (125 kg). But the price received by Rosa Elena was 1,400,000 pesos per carga.

Transparency Project

Transparency in coffee is a movement to disclose what roasters pay for coffee and how much of that goes to the farmer. We believe this is the way forward for specialty coffee, so we launched our Transparency Project.

We are working with Transparent Trade Coffee to implement this programme and improve the way we buy coffee.

Our Colombia Rosa Elena tastes like nectarine, cherry, and red grape. We sourced this coffee from the fine folks at Cofinet.

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