Colombia Popayan Decaf

Our Popayan Sugarcane Decaf comes from a group of farms in the renowned region. The growers sell the coffee as parchment before milling in Popayan. Next it travels to Caldas for decaffeination at DESFAECOL. Unlike most decafs, this is a true specialty lot, one so good the team it surprised the team at the decaffeination plant.

Decaffeinating in Colombia keeps added value in their economy. The process itself uses spring water and a natural Ethyl Acetate from local sugar cane.

While the process leaves a minute amount of ethyl acetate, it is 20 times less than that in a ripe banana. Any residue then evaporates during the roasting process

The EA process extracts caffeine without excessive heat damaging the cell wall. Keeping the cells intact means the coffee roasts better than other methods. 

F.O.B AUD per kilo $6.71

C’Market price $3.45

Fair Trade minimum $4.10

163% Higher than the fair trade minimum.



Dose: 22g

Yield: 40g

Time: 25secs

Temp: 93*