Street Fighter Espresso Blend

Blueberry -Mandarin Cocoa

A sweet one-two punch of Colombia and Ethiopia, Street Fighter provides a blitz of flavour whether white or black. The no holds barred fruit power of the natural Ethiopian cuts through milk and the smooth Colombian provides body and flavour

Colombia Ubaque

Varietal Castillo and Typica

Process Washed

Ethiopia Adola

Varietal Ethiopian Heirloom 

Process Various

Colombia Ubaque comes from forty-three farmers who work together to sell their coffee while sharing resources and knowledge. We have been buying from this group since 2016.

Adola is the name of the washing station that produces the Ethiopian coffee. Local families bring their coffee to the station for processing. The owner of this washing station puts 10% of the profits back into the local community. 


F.O.B AUD per kilo $8.95

C’Market price $3.23

Fair Trade minimum $4.30

Over 2X Higher than the fair trade minimum.

To learn more about Transparency in coffee pricing and why it's so important, check out our Transparency Project.


Dose: 22g

Yield: 40g

Time: 30secs

Temp: 93*

Double Ristretto Yield: 22g

Designed for split shot into 190ml cups.