Shadow Boxer Espresso Blend

Toffee Dark Chocolate Raspberry

An old school knock-out of a blend, Shadow Boxer is a mix of Brazil and Papua New Guinea. Rich toffee and sweet raspberry lead into a lingering chocolate finish.

Brazil Santo Antonio

varietal Red Mundo Novo

process Pulped Natural

Papua New Guinea Kepai

varietal Typica, Blue Mountain

process Fully Washed 

Guatemala El Valle

varietal Pache and Catuai

process Washed

Pedro Gabarra grows our Brazil Santo Antonio in the Campos Das Vertentes region. This coffee brings the huge chocolate burst that makes Shadow the People’s Champ.

Our Papua New Guinea Simbu grows high in the Highlands region by Kongo Coffee Limited. This export company is indigenous owned and committed to paying the highest possible price to the growers.

The Guatemala El Valle comes from Marlon Del Valle, a second-generation coffee grower in Huehuetenango. We buy direct from Marlon and work closely with him to develop the coffee.

Average F.O.B AUD per kilo $6.23

C’Market price $3.10

Fair Trade minimum $4.80

143% Higher than the fair trade minimum.

To learn more about Transparency in coffee pricing and why it's so important, check out our Transparency Project.


Dose: 22g

Yield: 40g

Time: 30-33secs

Temp: 93*

Double Ristretto Yield: 22g

Designed for split shot into 190ml cups.