Haymaker Espresso Blend

Orange - Caramel - Green Apple

Our hallmark cafe blend. Haymaker is crisp, juicy and memorable; a powerful combination with milk, and a total knockout as espresso.

Colombia Ubaque

Varietal Castillo and Typica

Process Washed

Guatemala La Danta

Varietal Bourbon, Caturra and Catuai 

Process Washed

Guatemala El Valle 

Varietal Pache and Catuai 

Process Washed

After four years and counting,Colombia Ubaque is still the backbone of our Haymaker blend. Grown by 43 passionate farmers who work together to sell their coffee while sharing resources and knowledge, this coffee speaks volumes about everything we love at Rumble.

FOB price (AUD) $9.72

Guatemala La Danta comes from the Finca El Rincón farm in Huehuetenango, one of the world’s most-loved coffee growing regions. Run like the well oiled and consistently excellent coffee-producing machine it is, we’re proud to have bought three beautiful lots from Finca El El Rincón in 2019.

FOB price (AUD) $8.45

EnterGuatemala El Valle, the debut offering from Rumble’s newest producer, Marlon Del Valle. Our Haymaker features one of two lots we purchased from Marlon this year, an enthusiastic young farmer with which we’re building an incredible relationship, exporting his outstanding coffee via direct trade for the very first time.

FOB price (AUD) $7.33


Weighted average FOB price: AUD/kg $8.56

C-market price: $3.2

Fair Trade minimum: $4.53

1.9x higher than the Fair Trade minimum.

To learn more about Transparency in coffee pricing and why it's so important, check out our Transparency Project.


Dose: 22g

Yield: 38-40g

Time: 30-33secs

Temp: 93*

Double Ristretto Yield: 23g

Designed for split shot into 190ml cups.