Burundi Mbrizi Honey

Burundi has been producing terrific washed coffees for years but it’s great to see them develop other processes. Our Burundi Mbrizi Honey is from the Mbrizi washing station where the farmers select only the ripest cherries for the honey process. The station works with 2700 smallholders from the nearby hills and only started in 2014.

Burundi Mbrizi Honey

The honey process leaves the sticky mucilage on after washing off the cherry skin. Next, the coffee dries on raised beds. This increased contact time with the sugars in the mucilage increases the sweetness and body of the coffee while softening the acidity. 
Coffee drying in Burundi
Coffee was introduced to Burundi in the 1930’s but it is only since 2008 that it opened for direct sales contracts to target the specialty coffee industry. It’s amazing to see how far they developed in only ten years and the future looks sweet.

Our Burundi Mbrizi Honey tastes like cherry, apricot, and grape. We sourced this coffee from the fine folks at Langdon Coffee Merchants.


You can find the Burundi Mbrizi Honey at all the fine establishments that serve Rumble Coffee. Or order online from our website.

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The Secretary Bird is a large bird of prey found throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, reaching up to 1.4 meters high with a wingspan of over 2 metres.

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