Burundi Karehe

One of our favourite origins returns with the Burundi Karahe. Burundi is a tiny country, deep in the heart of Africa. It has many challenges but also immense potential. The specialty coffee they produce is already delicious and we hope to see much more of it.
Burundi Karehe pickers
Burundi has one of the lowest GDP’s in Africa and its landlocked position adds to the difficulty of moving coffee around. Unlike over producing countries, where coffee sells FOB (Free on Board) when it reaches the ship, in Burundi coffee, is FOT (Free on Truck). The port where the coffee will set sail is three countries and over a week away.

The Karehe Washing Station focuses on the ripeness of the coffee cherry and making sure they sort to the highest standard. Producers get paid once when they deliver the cherry and again at the end of harvest. When the coffee fetches a higher price due to its quality, they receive a bonus payment.

Burundi Karehe hills

Our Burundi Karehe tastes like pear, green apple, and black tea. We sourced this coffee from the fine folks at Cafe Imports.

You can find the Burundi Karehe at all the fine establishments that serve Rumble Coffee. Or order online from our website.

To learn more about wholesale coffee supply to your cafe/espresso bar/food truck please hit us up.

The Southern Ground Hornbill is a savannah-dwelling bird found from Nambia and Angola, through northern South Africa and over to Burundi.

The hornbill has a very loud cry and was a symbol of the arrival of the rainy season in much of southern Africa.

They have the longest fledgling period of any bird at eighty-five days. This means they only successfully breed every third year.

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