Boost Your Business Seminar Recap

Boost Your Business Nadi

We were super lucky on March 20 to host Nadi Elias and his Boost Your Business Seminar as part of Melbourne Coffee Week and the lead up to MICE.

Nadi is a growth accountant and cafe consultant who has written an excellent new book called Count More Beans. We love the book and give a copy to every new cafe we work with.

Boost Your Business Slide

Nadi covered the seven steps outlined in his book and fleshed them out with examples and slides. He talks about getting clarity about why you are in business in the first place, using systems and automation to streamline your operation and how to boost sales.

The crowd got involved with great questions all the way through. Lance from Middle Child is lucky enough to have an accountant for a Mum and he kept Nadi on his toes.

Boost Your Business Crowd

The Boost Your Business Seminar was a huge success for us and we need to give huge thanks to Nadi. It’s time that the industry became more aware of what you need to run a business that thrives and succeeds.

Check Nadi’s website if you want to learn more or grab a copy of Count More Beans. We raised $350 for Grounds For Health by donating all the profits from the ticket sales. Thanks to everyone who came along, the event was such a success we might have to hold more.