Improving Cafe Profits after Coronavirus (COVID-19)  lockdowns 

June 03, 2020 3 min read


Coming back from lockdown and how you can improve your business.

Restrictions are lifting around Australia. For many of us, that means it's time to reopen our businesses and get back to doing what we love, making amazing coffee!

But it won’t be business as usual and might not be for a long while. So what can you do right now to have a better, leaner business, reduce labour costs and ensure quality and consistency for your customers?


Automation. The biggest improvement I’ve seen in my twenty years in coffee is in the equipment. We never used to weigh and measure shots and because of this, we did not understand what we were doing!

Mythos One Grinder from Victoria Arduino 

If you don’t already, get some  Ohaus scales, a  Mythos grinder and some smaller scales for your drip tray. (we love the  Acaia Lunar but the  Brewista are also worth a look).


Most ‘good’ places have this setup already. But do you know what they don’t have? A  Puqpress. These delightful machines have been around for more than five years now. It amazes me (and embarrasses me if I’m honest) that they aren't on every bench in town. If you want perfectly tamped coffee every time, then you need a puqpress. If you have lots of staff who are tamping inconsistently, you need a Puqpress. If you only have one or two staff who are tamping hundreds of times and you want to save them (or yourself) from overuse injuries, then you need a Puqpress.

Puqpress Q2


What about milk? Well, you can automate that too. Silky textured milk at the touch of a button? Yep. It’s that easy with the Uber Milk. Hit the button and seven seconds later you have a perfect jug of milk. You still must learn how to pour but with immaculate milk, you’re off to the best start.


What if there was a machine that could do it all? Grind, dose, tamp, pour the shot and steam the milk too. There is. It’s the  Eversys Cameo and it might be the machine of the future.

Eversys Cameo


The quality of the coffee stunned me from this machine last year. After testing some of the lower level automatic machines I thought we were a long way from recreating the skills of a good barista. I was wrong.


Once you put your coffee in the hopper and set your brew recipe the Everysys gets to work. After dialling itself in for five or six minutes, the Eversys is ready. It can pull bright, lively shots of Haymaker as good as those from our La Marzocco at the roastery.


For a full rundown, watch Matt Perger as he explains how the Eversys works.


Why now? Isn’t this a crazy time to be spending money on equipment?Maybe, but if you think your business is in a powerful position and will survive then why not invest and make it thrive?


I’ve heard stories of owners getting behind their bars recently and not knowing how to make coffee. Or at least not to the level their customers expect.  By having the right equipment you can ensure that will never happen.  


Quality and consistency are key reasons people have a favourite cafe they frequent, automation helps deliver this no matter who is behind the machine that day. 


The government has tweaked the rules around Asset Write-offs to encourage investment. Read more here to see if it applies to you.


Automation is here and those of us who embrace it will get a head start.


Take nothing I’ve said here as being anti-barista. I'll never try to diminish the role of service and contact with people. After the last few months of iso, we can all appreciate moments of face-to-face interaction! But, to have a healthy, profitable and robust industry we must work smarter.


We have the tools to take away many of the repetitive, mechanical tasks involved in making coffee that slow baristas down and increase your labour costs. With more timeBaristas can engage with the customer, get to know them, share their knowledge and sell more coffee!


Want more info about improving cafe workflow with automation? Get in touch with the Rumble team for a chat.